"Fallen" Review

by Lauren Kate

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My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

My Review:

Lucinda is sent to a special boarding school after something terrible happened to a boy last seen with her. Luce feels like an outsider at this very strange school for troubled teens. She immediately falls head over heels for Daniel, in spite of him flipping her off before they even meet. Another boy, Cam, seems too good to be true, showering Luce with attention and even gifts. With her new friend, Penn, Luce discovers the secrets that both Daniel and Cam are hiding from her.

This book was a little disappointing for me, because I've read such exciting reviews, but I found it to be slow and not very original. Pretty quickly, I felt like the story was a "Twilight" clone. Even the book binding itself felt like the "Twilight" hardcovers. "Normal" girl, lacking much personality at all, in the middle of a supernatural love triangle-sound familiar?

Daniel was terribly mean to her at the beginning, but Luce likes him anyway because he's so hot. She really has no other basis for how she feels about him. I would have loved to have seen some flashbacks so I would know why they loved each other so much.

There are some reasons why this book might appeal to a lot of readers. There is a lot of making out, and the scenes are probably something that could even be swoonworthy if I had liked the characters. Also, there is a lot of violence that seems to be thrown in for shock value. The action and story do pick up in the last 100 or so pages. Too bad the other 350 pages are so slow.

I actually liked Gabbe a lot! She was a really strong, kick butt female character! Penn was a cute character too, she seemed the most "real" of all of the characters.

Main Characters: 2/5
Supporting Characters: 3/5

Setting: 3/5

Romance: 2/5

Uniqueness: 2/5
Cover: 3/5 (gorgeous!!! But not really like the book. The pic is so romanticized, the book is gritty, and Luce's hair is long, but it is short in the book)
Writing: 3/5

Bottom Line:This book fell short for me, it seemed like it was trying too hard to fit into the "Twilight" craze instead of being new and original.


  1. I had read lots of negative reviews about this book and almost didn't read it. When it came in at the library I wasn't even sure I'd read it. But I did and I finished it today. I LOVED it! I give it 5 stars. I see where people say its not real original, but for some reason that didn't bother me. And the fact that she felt for Daniel even when he was mean to her didn't bother me because I felt the feelings were there because of the past. She didn't even know how to explain it. Anyway, I know this is sort of a love/hate book. People tend to have strong feelings either way. I expected to be a hater and ended up loving it.
    Looks like you didn't totally hate it though cause you gave it 3 stars. Off to write up my review now!

  2. I had mixed feelings about Fallen, but I'll still be picking up the sequel.

  3. I liked this book.Gabbe is fierce!! R U gonna read Torment? i can't wait 4 it :D

  4. Thank you for this review. I felt exactly the same. But I'm still looking forward to the sequel.

  5. I felt the same about this book. I'm still not sure about reading the sequel.

  6. Oh thank you Carrie! thought it was just me. Some of it can be explained by the past but...I read/reviewed Torment and for me it just gets even more annoying. Another triangle thrown in to the mix for no reason. I know people are going to love the whole true love thing and I'm willing to let a lot go but the whole story seems unnecessarily overwrought to me. Great concept - I love the fallen angels. I hear it is supposed to be a five book series and it just seems like that's dragging it out too long to me and Luce...get a backbone girl! I like the side characters better too.

  7. Thanks for checking out my review, everyone!!

    Candace, I'm glad you liked it so much :) You're right, I didn't hate it, I just felt like it was missing something. It was only ok.

    Bookish in a Box, I can understand the mixed feelings.

    Faye, I really liked Gabbe too! I don't know if I'll be reading Torment, but hopefully Gabbe will be in it more!

    Alison and Adriana, sounds like we agree on this one! I'll probably wait to see what other people think of Torment.

    Karen, I'd really like to read what you thought of Torment, since we felt the same way about the first one! I'll check your blog to see if its posted yet. There's even another love triangle in Torment???

  8. Awww I'm sad you didn't like it, but I understand. This book isn't for everyone. Great, honest review reflecting your opinions.

  9. Ohh, great review - have heard a lot of people raving about Fallen, so it's excellent to get more of a varied opinion :) Still debating if I should check it out or not

  10. I read this great reviews, and then finally one who said what didn't work for her, just what I need. And now you say some of the same things. I do need both sides

  11. A friend recently sent this book to me to read. I've seen a lot of mixed reviews on it but in way, it makes my own reading experience exciting and mysterious.

  12. I agree that it took some time for the story to kick in but I actually had no expectations so I enjoyed it. I'm looking forward for the clash between Cam and Daniel for Luce. I absolutely love the cover on the hard copy... so soft... the new one will be just as soft.
    The only eery thing now is how the names Daniel and Luce keeps popping up everywhere now... My Name is Memory... Have you read that book yet?
    I've been hearing some rave reviews so let me know if you have ... better yet I'll scan your log now.

  13. this book is amongst many of my faves and you did it justice

    great review

    The Blog

  14. I haven't tried this one yet but I enjoyed your review :)

  15. Book Monster, I'm glad you liked this one!!

    Girl Friday, I hope you like it if you do end up reading it!

    Blodeuedd, It's good to have both sides of the story before you start a book :)

    VampFanGirl, I hope you like it!!

    Aisle B, the covers are sooo gorgeous! I haven't read My name is memory. I can't believe they have the same names!

    Ayesha, thanks for stopping by!!

    Thanks, Juju!!

  16. Totally feel the same as you about this book. Great review!


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