"Manifest" Review

by Artist Arthur

Source: ARC sent by Lisa at Online Publicist in exchange for review

My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

My Review:

Krystal hears dead people. The voices had stopped until she and her mom moved out of their home and left Krystal's dad. Krystal meets Ricky, a ghost who needs her help. Ricky's brother and his friends are accused of Ricky's murder. Ricky knows it's not true but needs Krystal's help to find out who really killed him. In the meanwhile, Krystal finds Sasha and Jake, who share her talent for talking to ghosts.

I was expecting a dreamier, more fantasy-like story, based on the cover, but this book is really gritty and raw. I would definitely say parental advisory on this one because there was stuff in this book that I didn't want to read about and I definitely wouldn't want kids reading it. Yes, the "bad stuff" is done by the "bad guys" so it's dealt with responsibly, but I'd rather read about rainbows and kittens, ok? That's me.

I liked how the author explored Krystal's relationship with her parents, who were recently divorced. The situation is real and lot of teens can relate.

I also liked the fact that Ricky, the ghost, was Krystal's friend, not her love interest. This is a new angle on the supernatural trend. Also, i love to see different types of relationships explored in books, including male/female friendships.

I thought the dialogue was written really well. The conversations flowed and sounded the way a real teen would talk. the action was a little slow but the book was a quick read.

Main Characters: 2/5
Supporting Characters: 3/5

Setting: 3/5

Romance: 2/5

Uniqueness: 3/5
Cover: 4/5
Writing: 3/5

Bottom Line: This book is a fresh take on the YA paranormal genre, but parts were way too dark for my taste.


  1. Great review, Carrie!! I've seen this book popping up around the blogs, but I really like your opinion on it. I find it absolutely hilarious the differences in books that we both just reviewed and reasons for likes and dislikes!! We even just used some of the same words, but for different reasons! *giggles* I'm also soooo glad that you commented on the types of reading you like (ie. romance and alphas). That is exactly why I love coming over to your little home to find out about new reads! You have some great recommendations!!

    Just wanted to give you hugs on sharing your likes and dislikes with me!! Thank you! *hugs*

  2. Ooh, I've been on the lookout for reviews of this one. Thanks for the awesome review :D

  3. Great review all though I was expecting more from it....I mean drool worthy cant put it down more but oh well i think i may still pick up a copy and give it a blast

  4. Great review. I am reading this right now and agree with just about everything you said.

  5. In my opinion, the YA genre is getting darker and darker. I guess I'm okay with it, as long as the books are good and there's reason for it. :)

  6. Nice review :) Sounds good, but not tempting enough for me (oh darcy flashback)

  7. I've seen this book around so much and I'm coveting on it too.lol.I think I will love a darker story. =)

  8. This is the second review that I've seen that gives this book a 3. I like gritty raw things, but I hope it's not over the top and just thrown in there for shock value. The relationships between the characters sound so interesting, it'll be cool to see a non romantic paranormal.

  9. Great honest review. I wouldn't expect this one to be gritty and raw at all...

  10. Hmmm interesting take on this book. I don't know if it's for my shelf but ... who knows maybe I will go ahead and get it. Thanks for an honest review and your input always makes me think twice before I buy anything.

  11. *high five* I'm a rainbow and kittens girl too. Except I'm more like cotton candy clouds and puppies ;P

  12. I couldnt connect with MC so I didn't finish, thanks for the review!


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