Free Ebooks from Sourcebooks: Free Reading Weekend

Sourcebooks is celebrating a "Free Reading Weekend" by offering three popular eBooks for free!  

Sourcebooks will be offering the following books for free until Sunday, Feb 6!

Lydia Bennet’s Story by Jane Odiwe
Her new release Mr. Darcy’s Secret just came out on February 1st

Love at First Flight by Marie Force
            Her new release Everyone Loves a Hero just came out on February 1st

The Greatest Knight by Elizabeth Chadwick
            Her highly anticipated release, To Defy a King will be released March 1st

Check out this page for links to Kindle, Nook, and iBooks formats! 

I also saw that they are still offering Dreaming Anastasia by Joy Preble for free!!

Thanks, Sourcebooks!!


  1. Thanks for the info. I downloaded the kindle version of The Greatest Knight. :)

  2. *glomphugs* I sooooooo wanted the Greatest Knight like *forever*! Thanks ever so much, Carrie!!

  3. Peaceful reader, isn't it great?

    Jessica, Yay! I'm glad you took advantage of the offer, The Greatest Knight looks sooo good, I love her books!

    Redd, Yay!! I've wanted it forever too!!

  4. Very cool! Thanks for sharing :)


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