"Get Energy!" Review

"Get Energy"
by Denise Austin

Publisher: Center Street
Release Date: Jan 7, 2011

Source: sent by publisher

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Summary from goodreads.com:

With busy schedules, demanding careers, and little time, many of us battle just to stay awake. But energy is something that is in our control, even when time is short. Now 50 years young, fitness guru Denise Austin shows readers how to super-charge their lives, using her innovative lifestyle plan. She eats the right foods at the right time of day. She uses the power of stretching and breathing to feed her body with energy-enhancing oxygen. She uses mini-workouts to get energy even on her busiest days—and now you can too!
Denise shows how simple changes can add up to increased energy levels throughout the day. From the foods they consume to the way they sit in their chairs, readers won't believe how Denise's quick and easy plan will dramatically increase their energy levels. In as little as a week, results will be felt: radiant skin, more restful sleep, and a sharper mind...so follow Denise Austin and prepare for a fitness wake-up call!

My Review:

I thought the author made some really good points and she had a great positive attitude. The book was set up with an intro and then a quiz to determine what aspects of your life are energy-deprived. Then you can flip to specific chapters to learn how to get energy in the areas of life that you need it most.

The tips and tricks aren't  physically hard, but it's hard to make lifestyle changes. The workout moves and stretches aren't difficult either, they are things that people most levels of fitness can do. I like her ideas for mini stretches throughout the day, and yes, she shows you how to do them.  her meal and snack ideas are simple and do-able. No foods you've never heard of, three hour prep times, or complicated recipes. The great thing about the book is that everything is do-able. It's not a heard core diet or work out book.

Austin feels that if we're always running around,  working, and doing chores and we never take even a few minutes for ourselves, our energy is always going to be zapped. I love that she tells us to take time out for joy. Whether it's talking to friends, taking a walk, or ice cream with your kids, we all need to treat ourselves to recharge our energy.

Sometimes, the book becomes a little repetitive, almost like she had to fill a certain number of pages. But the basic ideas are great. Even if I only take a few this way from the book and try to implement them, I think I will see an improvement in my energy level.

Bottom Line: Great advice delivered with a positive attitude and kindness.


  1. I like the sound of it! ;) that the tone of the book it's kind.
    I hate when weight-loss related stuff turns into boot camp.

  2. I see this book somewhere. I think I should probably get a copy. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I usually stay away from such books since most of them tend to have goals that seem impossible to achieve. Get Energy seems different. I like that it has "great advice delivered with kindness" .

  4. I have a couple of Denise Austin books--I like how she writes/presents to real people. I think her and Leslie Sanson are the best at that!

  5. It seems more like a weight loss book by the cover, not an energy book.


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