"There You'll Find Me" Review

"There You'll Find Me"
by Jenny B. Jones

Publisher: Thomas Nelson
Release Date: Oct 4, 2011 
Source: sent by publisher

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Summary from goodreads.com:  

When Finley travels to Ireland as a foreign exchange student, she hopes to create a new identity and get some answers from the God who took her brother away and seems to have left her high and dry.
But from the moment she boards the plane and sits by Beckett Rush, teen star of the hottest vampire flicks, nothing goes according to Finley's plan.
When she gets too close to Beckett, a classmate goes on a mission to make sure Finley packs her bags, departs Ireland-and leaves Beckett alone.
Finley feels the pressure all around. As things start to fall apart, she begins to rely on a not-so-healthy method of taking control of her life.
Finley tries to balance it all-disasters on the set of Beckett's new movie, the demands of school, and her growing romance with one actor who is not what he seems. Yet Finley is also not who she portrays to Beckett and her friends.
For the first time in her life, Finley must get honest with herself to get right with God.

My Review:

What an intense book! There is so much going on in this story. Sometimes, I felt like there were too many different aspects of the story, but then everything really ties together in the end.

The romance between Finley and Becket was absolutely swoon-worthy. Who wouldn't want the most gorgeous movie star to also be such an amazing guy on the inside too? It's interesting how this most ultimate of romantic fantasies is in the book along with such traumatic issues and experiences that make up the rest of the book.

The cover blurb says that Finley picks up a "dangerous vice" so I suppose it would be a spoiler to explain what the vice is. It's strange because I picked up on the warning signs early on but I was wondering if the problem was every going to be addressed. But since the tale was told in first person, I guess we had to wait until Finley figured it out for herself.

The story is so well told and the characters are so finely crafted, you will certainly need a box of tissues by the end of the book.

Main Characters: 5/5
Supporting Characters: 4/5

Setting: 5/5

Romance: 5/5

Uniqueness: 4/5
Cover: 5/5 (pretty much in love with the cover)
Writing: 4/5

Bottom Line: I think fans of contemporary YA with a strong message and great romance will really take this book to heart. I don't think you need to be a fan of Christian Fiction to enjoy it.


  1. I just got this one for review and I'm really excited for it! your review just got me even more pumped! ;)

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts! it sounds like it's going to be made of win.

  2. I love your review, I really liked this book too. Have you read Save the Date by Jenny Jones? It's really good too. :-)

    XOXO~ Renee C.

  3. I'm loving the cover, too! Great review. I'm going to have to remember this one next time I'm shopping for books. :)

  4. No, not for me, I can tell that at once. I do not want any strong messages

  5. I've had my eye on this one, especially since it takes place in Ireland- love it over there! I will have to get my hands on a copy of this--I've been trying to read more contemporary reads. Thanks for the great review!

  6. I'm so curious about this dangerous vice. It sounds like a bit too much going on though. I'll read it if I come across it.

  7. I picked up on the "vice," as well, and was afraid it would never be addressed. But it was, so all good there. :) SO GLAD you liked this book! I'm becoming a series fangirl of it. haha Such a good story!!!!

  8. Glad to hear you liked it. I've been wanting to read this one ever since I saw the cover.


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