"Overbite" Review

by Meg Cabot

Publisher: HarperCollins
Release Date: Feb 7, 2012
Source: sent by publisher

My Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Summary from goodreads.com:  

Meena Harper has a special gift, but it's only now that anyone's ever appreciated it. The Palatine Guard — a powerful secret demon-hunting unit of the Vatican — has hired her to work at their new branch in Lower Manhattan. With Meena's ability to predict how everyone she meets will die, the Palatine finally has a chance against the undead.

Sure, her ex-boyfriend was Lucien Antonescu, son of Dracula, the prince of darkness. But that was before he (and their relationship) went up in flames. Now Meena's sworn off vampires for good ... at least until she can prove her theory that just because they've lost their souls doesn't mean demons have lost the ability to love.

Meena knows convincing her co-workers — including her partner, ├╝ber-demon-hunter Alaric Wulf — that vampires can be redeemed won't be easy ... especially when a deadly new threat seems to be endangering not just lives of the Palatine, but Meena's friends and family as well.

But Meena isn't the Palatine's only hope. Father Henrique — aka Padre Caliente — New York City's youngest, most charming priest, has also been assigned to the case.

So why doesn't Meena — or Alaric — trust him?

As she begins unraveling the truth, Meena finds her loyalties tested, her true feelings laid bare ... and temptations she never even imagined existed, but finds impossible to resist.

This time, Meena may finally have bitten off more than she can chew.

My Review:

I haven't read the first book in this series, so the beginning was a little confusing for me, but once I got into it, I enjoyed the book. I liked that it wasn't as intense, violent or gory as most adult paranormal books. It was a little more watered down, which is a good thing for scaredy cats like me. I didn't have to worry about curse words sprinkling every page, or a creepy love scene or other violence that are so predominant in the adult paranormal genre. I can see how readers who love that genre though, might be disappointed in this book since it's a much more safe version.

While I did enjoy the book, and was glad that I didn't have to worry about any cringe worthy scenes, the book didn't really stand out for me. It kind of seemed like I had read the story before. The characters didn't really fly off the page for me, but I feel like that might have been because I didn't read the first one where you really got to meet the characters.I think that might also be why I wasn't that absorbed in the romance. It's hard to step in late and still really know what's going on.

Main Characters: 3/5
Supporting Characters: 3/5

Setting: 3/5

Romance: 3/5

Uniqueness: 3/5
Cover: 4/5
Writing: 4/5

Bottom Line: A tamer, safer adult paranormal romance, but missing a little oopmph.


  1. I have book one but haven't read it yet. I'm not sure how I feel about the "safer" feel of the book. Could go either way with me lol

  2. Oh, the first book is much better! I've read both and I didn't like this one as much, but yeah, it's very light-hearted for a paranormal, and Meg usually doesn't put too many curse words or anything. =)

    You should try Insatiable. :D

  3. How weird, an adult paranormal romanceish story with no real adult scenes. I'm sure this makes several people upset because that is what one comes to expect out of a book like this. I've always read so so things about this series so I think I'm going to skip it.

    Thanks for the great review.

  4. And here I thought that was YA..oh, well no thanks anyway

  5. I've only read one Meg Cabot book, but I enjoyed it a lot. Glad her adult books are good!

  6. I enjoyed the first book. Although, the main character kinda got on my nerves. But it was fun. I'm interested in checking this one out. Nice review!


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