"The Sweet Life: The Serial" Review

"The Sweet Life: The Serial"
by Francine Pascal

Publisher: St Martin's Press
Release Date: Oct 30, 2012
Source: sent by publicist and publisher

My Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

Summary from goodreads.com:
For Jessica and Elizabeth, the sweet life begins at 30…

Beautiful blonde twins Jessica and Elizabeth Wakefield are back in The Sweet Life, now available in one volume!

Three years after the events of Sweet Valley Confidential by Francine Pascal, Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield are back in Sweet Valley and inseparable once more. Things are looking up for both twins: Elizabeth is a star reporter at the LA Tribune, and Jessica’s PR career is on the fast-track. But while the professional lives of the Wakefield sisters are secure, their personal lives may be in jeopardy. Jessica, now a mother, finds that managing parenthood, marriage, and a job is harder than she expected, while Elizabeth and Bruce must face a scandal that could strengthen their bond…or tear them apart forever.

Meanwhile, life goes on in Sweet Valley. Families are made, hearts are broken, and . . . Lila Fowler is a reality TV star? Some things never change.

The Sweet Life, first published serially as digital originals chronicling the continuing adventures of Elizabeth and Jessica Wakefield, is now available to read in one volume!

My Review:

The 6 Sweet Life e-novellas that were released over the summer are now in print in one volume. I really enjoyed this book even more than the author's first book about the Wakefield twins in their 30's, Sweet Valley Confidential. This novel really drew me in more so than the first book

The book follows all of our old favorites from the Sweet Valley High series, some haven't changed at all, like Liza, and some are on a new path, like Jessica and Todd. My favorite story was Elizabeth and Bruce's scandal. This is the story that really kept me turning the pages. You'll have to read it to see what happens to the pair!

Liza was her typical self, actually, she may have grown even more dramatic and deceitful in her 30s. Still at least she was interesting. Jessica seemed neither her impulsive teen self, or a new and improved version either. She was slightly blah and so was Todd. Jessica was never my favorite to read about, and the same applies here, but luckily, there are so many story lines that there are bound to be those that the reader is more interested in than others.

I'm glad I was able to read all six episodes at once. It would have been so hard to wait to find out what happens after the cliffhanger endings! There was very little repeating of information at the beginning of each 'episode.' It really wasn't noticeable at all, the author would just go over one or two key details, and then jump right into the rest of the story.

Main Characters: 4/5
Supporting Characters: 4/5
Setting: 4/5

Romance: 4/5

Uniqueness: 5/5
Cover: 5/5
Writing: 3/5

Bottom Line: Our old favorites from Sweet Valley with a twist!

Pick up the e-serials or the print version here.

Check out my review of the first book, Sweet Valley Confidential.


  1. Wow this takes me back! I didn't know there was a new series of novellas. Can't believe sweet little bookish Elizabeth got caught up in a scandal! I'll have to check this out. Thanks!

  2. I'd like to check it out for all time's sake :)

  3. I'm so glad this was good and I would defo want to read them all at once :)

  4. Can't say I've ever read any of the Sweet Valley books but it's good to hear you enjoyed this one. Nice review!

  5. So these novellas pick up where Sweet Valley Confidential left off?


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