Reebok Customizable Kids Sneakers!

Now available for customization through YourReebok from is the popular back to school shoe, the kids ATV19! Have your kids design their own pair of ATV19s to start the school year off in style. With splatter print designs, and colors to choose from like candy pink, trust blue, sonic green and excellent red, your kids will have the coolest kicks in homeroom. Not only do the custom ATV19s look great, but this all-terrain running shoe features 19 large ATV lugs to help provide traction wherever kids roam. Customize your ATV19s from base to sole, and everything in between -- you can even add text for personalization! Let your kids stand out in their custom ATV19s and make a lasting impression this back to school season! Order your pair of custom ATV19s today!

You can customize everything about these shoes! I tried the customization part out myself, and you get to choose a color for every piece of this shoe, front back, fade, sole, everything! This pair is in colors already offered by Reebok, don't miss your chance to make your very own custom version!

Reebok Girls Black ATV19 - Youth Running Shoe

from: Reebok

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  1. Kids shoes are available in large patterns but the main problem is that it gets shorter in just few months.

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  2. You would imagine such an idea would have the Zapatillas Running Baratas companies issuing legal writs in a mad panic, but instead they realized that most people were not actually going to run barefoot.

  3. Love your shoe!! Having a new styling in the shoe is a great pleasure for anyone. I will choose it for my son. I hope he will love the shoe. boardshop


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