"Thirty Days to Win His Wife" Movie Star Cast!

Today, I'm happy to welcome Andrea Laurence to In the Hammock to celebrate the release of her book, "Thirty Days to Win His Wife"! Andrea will share with us her dream cast for a movie version of her book!

By Andrea Laurence
Harlequin Desire; February 3, 2015
$5.25 US; 192 pages

(Synopsis from the publicist)
Even with a baby on the way, Amelia's holding out for the perfect husband. Tyler has 30 days to prove he's the one.

Best friends Tyler Dixon and Amelia Kennedy eloped to Vegas on a whim. But before they can deal with their quickie divorce, she confesses: she's pregnant. Now there's no way Tyler will agree to go their separate ways. He wants them to stay married, raise their child together, share a house—and a bed.

Yet Amelia has always dreamed of a perfect marriage and she doesn't think this self-made millionaire is lifetime material despite their friendship. She's given him just one month to prove her wrong.

Movie Star Cast
By Andrea Laurence

Whenever I start a new book, I start a new Pinterest board. I like to collect images that inspire the story, including the characters, the settings and the clothes, then I use them to send to my publisher to help them with the cover design. You can check out my Pinterest board for THIRTY DAYS TO WIN HIS WIFE here:  http://www.pinterest.com/aclaurence/thirty-days-to-win-his-wife/

For Tyler, my inspiration and movie star cast choice would be Chris Pine. There’s just something about those blue eyes and perpetually scruffy chin that suited him perfectly. For Amelia, I chose the buxom redhead Christina Hendricks. There’s something undeniably sexy about those curves and Tyler was just the man to handle them.

Buy the book here: http://www.harlequin.com/storeitem.html?iid=56556

ANDREA LAURENCE has been devouring books since she learned to read at the age of 3. An old portable typewriter got her started writing in her room at 8 and she's been writing ever since. Her practical nature led her to pursue a master's degree and a career that would pay the bills, but the writing bug continued to bite. She started working ferociously in her spare time to become a published author and has become an active member of her local RWA chapter, Heart of Dixie. After eight years and 11 completed manuscripts, she finally made the leap and got "the call" from Harlequin Desire on May 31, 2011.
A dedicated West Coast girl transplanted into the Deep South, Andrea is working on her real-life "happily ever after" with her boyfriend of 10 years and their collection of animals including two cats, two mutts and a Siberian husky that sheds like nobody's business. 

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Disclosure: I received copies of the books from the publicist in exchange for this post.


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  2. I never really visited Pinterest until I noticed authors doing the same thing. It adds a lot to the story to see the inspiration for clothing/characters/locations.

    Karen @For What It's Worth


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