Book Blog Follow and Book Blogger Hop Oct 29

Happy Friday, Everyone!!

It's time for Book Blog Follow Friday hosted by and The Book Blogger Hop hosted by Crazy for Books!

My answer to this week's question: Little Women!

My answer: more space for more books :)

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  1. All book lovers are in dire need of more space for books! I totally sympathize! Little Women is my favorite classic.
    I am an old follower.
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  2. Just stopping by through Follow Friday. Little Women is a great pick.

    I am a new follower. I hope you stop by my blog at

  3. Following the mechanical bunny around... still a happy follower :)

    Anything bookish... A library at my fingertips at all times. Luckily I have my Nook :D

    A book to recommend to my figurative girl, Twenty Boy Summer & Speak!!

    Sorry no post for hopping tonight but I have a new book review up.

    Mad Scientist

  4. Happy hopping, Carrie! I think I would have my imaginary daughter read Time Windows :)

  5. hi there, I'm dreaming of my own library :-)

    have a great weekend! (my book blog)

  6. Hi,
    I'm doing my rounds for the Blog Hop and Follow Friday so I'm stopping to say say hello. :) I hope you have a fantastic weekend.

    I'm an old follower.

  7. I think we can all use more space for our books.

    My answer can be found here - I also have a giveaway going on.

    As for the books to recommend: Anne of Green Gables.

  8. Happy hopping! Great pick with LITTLE WOMEN.

    Teens Read and Write

  9. More space seems to be what everyone wants. So many great books out there... how to choose which ones to keep?

    For me, I know I'm in the vast minority here, but I have been channelling my zen side lately and thinning down my enormous book collection. Several years of attending ALA conferences and/or Book Expo with their oodles of free ARCS had turned my apartment into complete chaos!

    I've got it narrowed down to (mostly) one (very large) bookshelf now. It actually feels great!

  10. Hopping by from Follow Friday. I am following you and would love it if you follow me back at



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