"Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method" Review

"Tracy Anderson's 30-Day Method"
by Tracy Anderson

Publisher: Grand Central Life & Style
Release Date: Sep 20, 2010

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My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

Book Summary from goodreads.com:
Did you know muscles get bored, just like people do? And did you also know that there's a 9 out of 10 chance that you're working the wrong muscles when you exercise? With TRACY ANDERSON'S 30-DAY METHOD you don't have to worry--her unique workout will help you drop the weight and shrink your body in just 30 days.

Based on ten years of scientific research and experience getting not just herself, but A-list stars and everyday people, red carpet ready, Anderson has developed a unique 30-day diet and workout routine that reshapes the body and defies genetics to tone the muscles and drop the pounds. While most people incorrectly target their major muscle groups, like the bicep or hamstring, the focus should be on the smaller accessory muscles that can create a long, lean, balanced look--instead of bulked up look. Anderson's program is composed of a groundbreaking three-tiered approach, including a mat workout and cardio routine targeting the all-important accessory muscles, and an exclusive 30-day meal plan, complete with dozens of delicious recipes.

This comprehensive kick-start program is unlike any other workout on the market and it leaves no chance for anything but terrific, fast results!

My Review:

This review is of the book only, I'd love say that I tried the exercises and have already seen results after 30 days, but all I've done so far is read!

The premise of Anderson's plan is really interesting. Basically, she uses a three facet approach, strength training, cardio, and a healthy diet. I think the really unique part of the plan lies in the strength training. She targets the body's smaller, less noticed muscle groups to create a long, lean, strong body, not bulk.

The conditioning exercises are clearly pictured with detailed instructions. I feel really motivated to do the strength training, but I didn't get much out of the cardio or diet sections of the book.

I really liked the tone of Anderson's writing. She's very encouraging and motivational. It seems like she truly wants to help. Her focus is on what you can be, not on how lazy you are now like some exercise books can be. I like her focus on the positive.

The foreword by Gwyneth Paltrow is honest and encouraging. Since most of us know her, it feels good to hear someone familiar recommend Anderson's plan.

Bottom Line: I can't wait to try the exercises, even if I do cheat a bit and only do the strength training. I think this is a positive addition to a fitness lover's collection, even if you only take bits and pieces of her advice.


  1. Great review. It's so tough not to fudge a little ;)

  2. So, so, so ironic that you read and reviewed this book -- she was just on a talk show this morning talking about it! I thought the same thing listening to her - that she sounded genuine, and kind of different in her approach!

  3. I've tried some of the recipes and they are actually pretty good (I'm a bit of a picky eater) and the exercises are tough especially if you are out of shape like me. (not to hone in on your post, but I'm giving away 2 copies - ends 10/17 - if any of your readers are interested).

    Oh, and you won one of my giveaways. Congratulations!


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