Giveaway and Review: "Pandora the Curious" Goddess Girls #9

"Pandora the Curious" Goddess Girls #9
 by Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams

Publisher: Aladdin
Release Date: Dec 4, 2012
Source: sent by the authors

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Summary from

Is Pandora about to open up a box of trouble?

One of the few mortals at Mount Olympus Academy, Pandora is famous for her mega quizzical nature—not that she thinks there’s anything wrong with being curious, of course!

Her curiosity kicks into high gear when a godboy named Epimetheus brings a mysterious box to school. Epimetheus is the nephew of an MOA teacher in whose class Pandora once opened another box that sent a few weather disasters to earth. Still, Pandora can’t help but take a peek inside this new box when it unexpectedly lands in her lap. What could be the harm in that, right? Little does she know that opening the box will open up far more trouble than she ever expected!

Authors Joan Holub and Suzanne Williams put a modern spin on classic myths with the Goddess Girls series. Follow the ins and outs of divine social life at Mount Olympus Academy, where the most privileged godboys and goddessgirls in the Greek pantheon hone their mythical skills.

My Review:

This installment of one of my favorite series, The Goddess Girls, tells the infamous story of Pandora opening the box of troubles. I love that these books are inspired by the Greek myths, but also make them appealing to young girls. I realized that even though everyone knows Pandora and her box, I really didn't know the actual story at all, so I was inspired to look it up. I hope that young girls reading these books will do the same and expand their knowledge of classic tales by reading something so modern and fun.

I love the books about the supporting Goddess Girls, the characters outside of the main four girls. I think the other girls, like Medusa and Pandora, might have a few more flaws, and might appeal to girls who feel a little more different. Pandora doesn't really fit the mold of 'sporty', 'brainy', or 'popular', so it's fun to read about her thoughts and feelings too. She has a flaw, she can't help but ask so many questions that it becomes nosy, and she can't hold back from snooping where she doesn't belong sometimes. But it's great to see her find a balance of the times when it's great to ask questions, not just accepting answers without knowing why. But then she has to know when to hold back too, as she learned by releasing all of the trouble bubbles on her schoolmates.

I thought it was so fun to see the trouble bubbles affect the other Goddess Girls, and we got to see them act in the complete opposite way that they normally would. I won't give away too many of the trouble bubbles, but the first bubble turned brainy Athena into a ditz! It was too cute to see the smartest, most disciplined girl in school get lost in the school hallways.

As with all of this series, I love the sweet first love stories. Pandora doesn't really like Epimetheus at first, because she is smitten with Posiedon. But Epimetheus really proves that he is the godboy for her when he appreciates her, flaws and all. He actually helps her to realize that her curiosity isn't really a flaw, when used correctly, it's a strength.

Main Characters: 5/5
Supporting Characters: 5/5

Setting: 5/5

Romance: 5/5

Uniqueness: 5/5
Cover: 5/5
Writing: 5/5

Bottom Line: The Goddess Girls books just keep getting better and better! I love learning more about the supporting characters from the series!

This is the first Goddess Girl book to be available in both hardcover and paperback!

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    I think Pheme is next though.

    Anyway, thanks for the review and for turning me into this series.

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