Reminder: Google Reader is Shutting Down July 1

I have already posted about this, but if you haven't moved your Google Reader info,
now is the time to do it :)

(If you have already read this post, I apologize, I'm just trying to get the word out!)

Google Reader is disappearing next month!!

(image courtesy of The Graphics Fairy)

Instead of panicking, I wanted to give you some other ways to follow In the Hammock :)

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Follow on Bloglovin

You can also import ALL of the blogs you follow with Google into your Bloglovin feed! Go to your Settings and look for Import Blogs!


Feedly is so easy! All you have to do is sign in with your Google account, and it automatically moves your Google Reader settings, including folders, etc!


Follow in_the_hammock on Twitter


Follow Me on Pinterest

Thanks, everyone!! Let me know in the comments if you are following in any of these new ways and I'll try to follow you back as well, so we can all try to keep up! Also, let me know of any other ways you are trying to stay updated on blogs!


  1. yea, sucks its going away cause its so easy. But thanks for letting me know in your last post cause I didn't really believe the rumors at first lol


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