Spotlight: "Marci's Desire"

"Marci's Desire"
by Sara Luck
Publisher: Pocket
Source: received from publisher
Release Date: May 28, 2013

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As a new mode of transportation sweeps America, a spirited socialite and her Western hero embark on the free-wheeling journey of their lives.

Two different worlds . . .

The daughter of a high-ranking Treasury official, as game for mastering the new contraption called a bicycle as she is for studying art and photography, Marci Winters turns heads inside Washington, D.C.’s dazzling social circles. When the college educated beauty is caught in an intimate encounter with political operative Stanton Caldwell, a crushing scandal threatens, forcing an appalled DeWitt Winters to send his daughter far away.

One thrilling passion . . .

Armed with her camera, Marci arrives in the grandeur of Yellowstone National Park and discovers a natural wonder: Lieutenant Myles Cade McDowell. Stationed at Fort Yellowstone to protect its wildlife from poachers, Cade hears of a test to be conducted across 400 miles of demanding terrain to prove the worthiness of an Army bicycle corps. Believing bikes could streamline how the park is patrolled, Cade joins the great ride himself. Capturing the adventure in a photo essay is a spitfire from the East who also captures Cade’s heart—but can she keep pace pedaling alongside this muscular and competitive military man? The lieutenant will soon discover that the open frontier— like love itself—is full of surprises!

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Disclosure: I received a copy of this book from the publicist/publisher in exchange for a blog post.


  1. Sounds good to me, but then I love cowboys

  2. Bycicles? Really?
    It could be tons of fun.

  3. I don't read all that often, but with beach season starting up, I am had been on the hunt for a book or two to read. I may pick this one up.


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