"I Has a Hotdog"

"I Has a Hotdog"

by Professor Happycat and ihasahotdog.com

Source: received from the publisher for review, thanks to Anna at Hachette Book Group

My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars

My Review:

"I Has a Hotdog" is such a cute book!! It's perfect for fans of the website ihasahotdog.com. For those of you unfamilar with the site, (I suggest you check it out, first of all!) this book contains full color pictures of adorable and silly dogs with hilarious captions written in the "I has a hotdog" language. Or to quote the back of the book:

"For all you hoomins, a LOLdog is a kay-nine picture with a funny, mispelled caption."

I couldn't have put it better. "I Has a Hotdog" is really what the subtitle of the book says: "what your dog is really thinking."

The size of the book is small, so it doesn't take up a lot of space. It's perfect for sitting on your coffee table, or passing around the office. The book is a fantastic gift for dog lovers of all kinds. It's family friendly, so you don't have to worry about the humor used here.

Bottom Line: This is a really fun, lighthearted book that can be enjoyed by everyone. Some of the photos and captions are adorable, some are funny, and some are just plain off the wall! There's something for everyone!


Whitney said...

Aww how adorable! I loved my dog, but always wondered how much he was taking in. This would be such a fun coffee table book.

Renee (SteelerGirl83) said...

I agree this is a totally cute book!

XOXO~ Renee

Carrie at In the Hammock Blog said...

Thanks, Whitney and Renee!! This book is so cute!

Book Monster said...

SOOOOOOOOOOOO CUTE!! OMG, I must have this. I love anything to do with dogs/puppies. Great review XD

Juju at Tales of Whimsy.com said...

Oh how cute. I want this! I'm so off to check out the web site. Thanks for the review.

Kim said...

So, this is where those funny pictures come from that I get in my email. Somehow this cover doesn't quite blend with your blog page, but you make me want to pick it up. :)

Nise' said...

Looks like such a cute book. Perfect for my dog loving daughter.

(Here from The Hop)

Jennifer said...

This sounds very cute. I'm a huge dog lover!

MarthaE said...

This really looks and sounds cute. We have mini dachshunds so my grandkid would love it! As might my DH! :)

dArLyN said...

how cute!

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