"Led Astray by a Rake"

"Led Astray by a Rake"
by Sara Bennett

My rating: 2 out of 5 stars

This book was only okay. I didn't like the hero and heroine very much, so I wasn't that interested in their story. However, the unique mystery kept me reading til the end because I couldn't figure it out!

Proper, young Olivia Monteith is a part of a circle of friends called the Husband Hunters Club (also the name of this series). The ladies have just graduated from finishing school and now their goal is to land a husband. Olivia has her sights set on the man she's loved since age 10, Lord Lacey, also known as Wicked Nic for his rakish ways. Nic is an unrepentant rake, afraid to give his heart to anyone because of something from the past.

True to the Husband Hunter's Club, Olivia boldly proposes marriage to Nic at the start of the story, after not seeing him for three years. Nic promptly refuses, not wanting a wife, and knowing he would be an awful husband so someone so proper.

I usually love stories where a couple is reunited after being childhood friends, but this one didn't feel real enough. And a 10 year old girl meeting in secret with a 20 something year old man felt a little creepy even though nothing untoward happened. I felt like Olivia was more interested in "a husband" than Nic. She walked in after years and wouldn't give up on making him marry her. I also thought she acted really trashy for someone who was supposed to be so proper.

Nic was the typical rake with a heart, but was somewhat boring. I liked that Olivia was actually jealous of his past mistresses instead of just pretending he hadn't led that lifestyle.

The mystery in the book really intrigued me. There is a reason why Nic wanted to keep Olivia at a distance. Olivia's parents know a secret about Nic and don't approve of him as a husband for their daughter. Even Nic's valet is worrried for Olivia around Nic. I won't give any spoilers but the secrets all come together quite interestingly.

Overall, the lack of development in the characters is what kept me from enjoying the book, because the mystery was quite unique and entertaining.

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