"Sins of a Duke" by Suzanne Enoch

"Sins of a Duke"
by Suzanne Enoch
My Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

"Sins of a Duke" has a really odd plot, which was based loosely on historical events. Because, as always, truth is much stranger than fiction. The background info Enoch provided in the Author's Note actually made me more interested in the story.

Sebastian Griffin, Duke of Melbourne, is being set up to marry Josefina Embry, the Princess of a brand new South American country, Costa Habichuela. But Sebastian doesn't blindly believe everything that the Princess and her family claim about their country, thinking they are con people wanting to use English investments for their own gain.

I'll try not to give any spoilers, but the Princess plot took over the entire book, as the author had to go into a lot of detail to explain what was happening. I guess that is what happens when an author takes on such an ambitious plot.

My favorite characters were the supporting characters in this book, Sebastian and Josefina didn't do much for me. Josefina started off as a strong character, but became wishy washy and I never really felt her involvement in the scandal was forgivable. I also don't understand why both main characters were willing to steal from banks but not willing to steal from individuals. To me, all stealing is wrong, but the author seemed to think stealing from a bank was ok for some reason. This irked me.

The supporting cast was quite fun and made the book readable! Sebastian's young daugher, Peep, was adorable and had some very precocious remarks to put her doting dad in his place. I also enjoyed the rest of Sebastian's large family, especially Valentine-I need to read his book!

This book was okay, but there were a lot of problems that I had with it. However, it might inspire me to do a little more research on the true story that inspired it.

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