"One Night with You" by Sophie Jordan

"One Night with You"
by Sophie Jordan
My rating: 4 out of 5 stars

I love stories in which the main characters knew each other as children and fall in love as adults. That's what drew me to read this sweet story, which I found fast-paced and full of twists and turns. Starting off, Seth Rutledge can't understand why he is so attracted to two completely different women at the same time; Aurora, a glamorous beauty he met at a scandalous soiree, and plain and proper Jane, whom he'd known since childhood. Jane Guthrie has loved Seth for as long as she can remember and will do anything for just one night with him, even assume a secret identity.

The double identity story at the beginning of the book is so fun and I love Jane's outrageous friends who help her carry off her charade. The charade comes across as very believable, especially the way that Seth finally realizes the truth. There are many other obstacles to Seth and Jane's love, including the fact that Seth was once in love with Jane's sister! Madeline was a money-hungry vixen, who broke Seth's heart as a young man. This closed him off to love again, while Jane endured the pain of watching the man she loved fall in love with her sister. When Madeline returns to stir things up, I would have loved to see Jordan take things even further and have Madeline provide even more conflict. Another thing holding Seth back is that his sister, Julianne, is blind because of an accident Seth feels responsible for. Julianne is a delightful character and her mini-romance in the book is very sweet without distracting from the main plot.

This is a great read, I flew through the first 200 pages in one sitting. The heroine is sweet and strong at the same time, and the hero is kind and honorable, if a little stuffy and arrogant at times. I would recommend this story to any historical romance fan in the mood for a fun, light read that will keep you turning the pages!

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