"A Lancaster County Christmas" Review

"A Lancaster County Christmas"
by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Publisher: Revell
Release Date: Sept 1, 2011 
Source: sent by publisher

My Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Summary from goodreads.com:  

Jaime and C. J. Fitzpatrick began their married life as most couples do--in love and looking forward to a bright future together. But four years later they've drifted apart and are almost ready to call it quits. Mattie Riehl was hoping to give her husband Sol the Christmas gift they have both longed for--news that a baby was on the way. But as usual, she is disappointed. The holidays bring an acute awareness to Mattie that her dream of a big family isn't likely to become a reality.
Then a winter storm raging outside blows the Fitzpatricks into the Riehl home--and into a much slower pace of life. Can these two couples from different worlds help each other understand the true meaning of love this Christmas?
With her trademark plot twists and attention to detail, Suzanne Woods Fisher offers readers a beautiful Christmas story of love, forgiveness, and what truly matters in life.

My Review:

"A Lancaster County Christmas" is such a heartwarming holiday story, I recommend to everyone as a warm fuzzy read during the Christmas season. The holidays are a time for heartwarming stories, and this book is nearly perfect for this time of year.

There are so many lovingly crafted characters in the story. you're sure to be able to identify with someone. My favorite character was Zach, Mattie's teenage cousin who struggled with wanting to stay with his family and his desire to see the world outside of their Amish community.

Jaime was almost too selfish for words, but even she grew on me. Her relationship with CJ was told honestly and with care. It was also interesting to see how she would handle Zach's crush on her.

Mattie and Sol's son, Danny, perfectly rounded out the story and the lovable characters.

Main Characters: 5/5
Supporting Characters: 5/5

Setting: 5/5

Romance: 4/5

Uniqueness: 4/5
Cover: 4/5
Writing: 4/5

Bottom Line: A wonderful, warm and funny holiday story with a memorable cast of characters.


  1. Awesome honest review!
    "Almost too selfish for words"?
    Thank goodness she evolves.

  2. Lol at Juju' comment :D It sounds like a light but touching read ;)

  3. Aww! this sounds rather cute! i'm just starting to get on the mood for Christmas stories!

  4. I just love the cover on this one.

  5. Sooo...I'm going to buy this one for sure. I've already put this in my cart :)


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