"Romancing the Countess" Review

"Romancing the Countess"
by Ashley March

Publisher: Signet
Release Date: Sep 6, 2011 
Source: sent by publisher and author

My Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Summary from goodreads.com: 

Sebastian Madinger, the Earl of Wriothesly, thought he'd married the perfect woman-until a fatal accident revealed her betrayal with his best friend. After their deaths, Sebastian is determined to avoid a scandal for the sake of his son. But his best friend's widow is just as determined to cast her mourning veil aside by hosting a party that will surely destroy both their reputations and expose all of his carefully kept secrets...
Leah George has carried the painful knowledge of her husband's affair for almost a year. All she wants now is to enjoy her independence and make a new life for herself-even if that means being ostracized by the Society whose rules she was raised to obey. Now that the rumors are flying, there's only one thing left for Sebastian to do: silence the scandal by enticing the improper widow into becoming a proper wife. But when it comes to matters of the heart, neither Sebastian nor Leah is prepared for the passion they discover in each other's arms....

My Review:

I'm so glad I read this book because it really reminded me of why I love historical romances so much. This is really a standout book with a very unique story and lovable characters.

We get a glimpse of how honorable Sebastian is at the beginning. In fact he was so hopelessly in love with his first wife that I wasn't sure I was going to be able to believe his love story with Leah. But I was very wrong. His first wife's betrayal definitely makes his falling in love again more believable, but its not just that. You can literally feel the chemistry between Sebastian and Leah and it's by no means just physical. In fact, I loved that the physical aspect of their love took the longest to develop.

It was bittersweet to see Leah learn to trust someone again. And it took a lot of work from both Sebastian and Leah herself for her to be able to trust him. It wasn't something that was rushed or just magically happened overnight.

There was a bit towards the middle and end of the story that seemed unnecessary to me. It also made Sebastian's proposal seem odd when it could have been more natural.

I loved that Sebastian's reasoning for not wanting their spouses' affair to be known was to protect his young son, Henry. Henry was a great addition to the story. Their strangely built family was truly beautiful and tugged at the heartstrings.

Main Characters: 5/5
Supporting Characters: 5/5

Setting: 4/5

Romance: 5/5

Uniqueness: 5/5
Cover: 4/5
Writing: 5/5

Bottom Line: A beautiful, well constructed love story that will stay on my keeper shelf.


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  1. I want, I want, I want! This sounds awesome. Count me in :)

  2. Me too!! I've been avidly following Ashley's book tour hoping to win a copy. I've been a fan since reading her 1st book Seducing the Duchess - which I highly recommend to all readers of Historical Romance. That was a great book; in parts funny, witty + heart breakingly romantic.


  3. Thank you for such an enjoyable review and summary of Ashley's new book "Romancing The Countess".

    I absolutely adore and appreciate a good love story. I would love to read this story as it contains everything that I like in a book, i.e. passion,intrigue and romance. I love to be swept away to another time and place where people lived, loved, and were finding their way to each other.

    I’m always grateful for being so delightfully entertained whilst being enriched and enlightened at the same time. I also appreciate all the research that an author does to make her story more authentic.

    The art work on the cover is amazing, it’s extremely eye-catching and very sensual. What an amazing job was done matching her necklace and earrings to the color of her dress.

    Congratulations to Ashley on her new release and, for this awesome opportunity.

    dpd333 (AT) aol dot com

  4. Oh, I want this book!!
    I think I need some reminding of why I love historicals, too. It has been a rather slow year reading romance for me, so I think I need a book like this sounds it is.

    Your review just made me want to get my paws all over this book NOW.

    Thanks for the awesome review.

  5. This book sounds fabulous! The characters sound especially wonderful,

    Great review, Carrie! :)

  6. I have heard such good things and now you like it too. My fingers are just itching for it


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