September Reviews Wrap Up

And I thought August was my busiest review month yet, I did almost as many reviews during September with 15 reviews!

I'm really going to be cutting back on the Christian fiction titles, I have been disappointed by the storytelling in a lot of them, so I'm going to stick with authors I know, publishers I really like (Revell, you're awesome!), or recommendations from fellow bloggers with similar tastes (hi, Renee!). I'm also cutting back on Historical Fiction (not YA or historical romances though, never!) unless I know it won't be too harsh or graphic with the violence.

So hopefully, my blog will be getting back to it's main focus of Young Adult reviews and Historical Romance reviews-yay!! Honestly, I'd love to read more of both, but I'm just not offered that many of my favorite genres for review.

So here are my reviews from the past month, in case you missed any!


  1. Hi Carrie, thanks for the shoutout! I have to say by the CF books that you read this month I can where you were disappointed. I read almost all of them (or tried to at least) and a few that you have listed weren't the best I'd ever read. I do agree with you though, that Revell has some of the best books. I hope even if you don't review them that you enjoy the ones that you do read!


  2. Wow, you reviewed A LOT of books in September, Carrie! Yay you :D

  3. You put me to shame! I couldn't even do that type of post - I would hide from embarrassment.
    I've just started getting back on track with reading/reviewing. I had a bad reading slump for awhile.
    I average about two per week.


Thanks so much for your lovely comments!