Sunday Shout Out 19

Recently, I introduced a new feature here at In the Hammock on Sundays. It's called "Sunday Shout Out" and it's a place where I can give a special shout out to those publishers and authors who have sent me books over the week, as well as those bloggers who have hosted contests that I've won! I'll also be giving shout outs to any other cool books, blogs or bookish news that I've spotted during the week.

Check out my first Sunday Shout Out post for even more info, here!

For Review
"Jamie Oliver's Great Britain" by Jamie Oliver

Squee! A new cookbook by Jamie Oliver! I am so excited!

"Lord of Temptation" by Lorraine Heath

One of my fave historical authors.

"Ghost Town" by Jason Hawes, Grant Wilson and Tim Waggoner


Win "The Sweet Life" 6 E-Novellas! Sweet Valley Ten Years Later! Ends 10/6

 Win "Until There Was You" Ends 10/8


Win "Entice" and "Embrace" Ends 10/5

Win "The Athena Effect" and Necklace Ends 10/5

 Win "Season for Surrender" Autographed 10/5


  1. Ohmygoodness, during my freshman year, my guilty pleasure was watching episodes from Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution. I love him :D Can't wait for your review on it!

  2. Awesome books this week- I am especially interested in Ghost Town....I used to watch Ghost Hunters all the time! Enjoy your books!

  3. Oh, Jamie Oliver! I remember him from when he was The Naked Chef, I used to think he was cute but admit I only watched him because he was on before The Two Fat Ladies.

    Anyway, I hope you like it! and that you like the Lorraine Heath book.

  4. Ooh, the Lorraine Heath book looks good - Avon's pretty dress historical romance covers always get to me, it seems. ^_^ Happy reading!

  5. The Jamie Oliver cookbook looks interesting. I know some British food is bland but I do like the desserts :)

  6. I spy with my little eye...GHOST TOWN! Reading it right now...oh-so-good! ^_^


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