Free Ebooks Available Now for Kindle!

 Hi everyone! There are two super cute new historicals available for free for Kindle! It looks like these aren't free on Nook, at least not yet. 

I've heard "A Tailor-Made Bride" is great, it's been on my to read list for awhile! And how cute is the cover for "Making Waves"? Go ahead and grab these while they're still free!

"A Tailor-Made Bride" by Karen Witemeyer

"Making Waves" by Lorna Seilstad

Happy reading!!


  1. oooh! me likey! I love the color scheme and how much broader it is. XD

    Kudos Carrie!!

  2. Cool! Love free books...and your new look! Awesome, lady!

  3. these two are so appealing, i picked them up too ;-D

  4. Thanks for the info!
    I love the new look - very pretty!

  5. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH the blog looks AMAZING, Carrie! SO SO SO cute. Too many caps? NO! It's great. These books look cute, too :D

  6. Hahahaha Carrie. For a while I thought I was at the wrong site. Cute new layout. :)

    Thanks for the notice on these freebies.

  7. Ooh...thanks for the heads up! Happy reading!


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